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How To Fix Liquid Spills or Water Damage for your iPhone

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Step-by-Step Guide on iPhone Liquid Damage Repair


What to do with an iPhone that has
Water or Liquid Damage?

In the unfortunate case that you spilled liquid on your iPhone, the first thing we recommend is to power off your iPhone. Use various drying methods until the iPhone is completely dried out. The process to dry out might take 24 hours. The second thing you should do is to check the iPhone liquid contact indicator (LCI). The liquid contact indicator will change to a red color if the device has been in contact with water or any kind of liquid. 


If you have Apple Care+ the liquid spill repair generally will cost about $129+tax. However, it depends on the iPhone model and the amount of damage to the device. Many people have come to us assuming their iPhone damage is covered by Apple's Warranty. However, liquid damage is not covered by the Apple One-Year Warranty, which is also stated on their website.

If your iPhone has liquid damage, as mentioned, leave it turned off and drop it by one of our locations as soon as possible. Our Apple Certified Technicians are experienced in quickly identifying and removing any excess liquid inside your iPhone to prevent further damage. However, if the components suffered an extensive amount of liquid damage or the spill has been present for too long, the parts would need to be replaced.


​These are the steps you can follow towards attempting to solve any minor liquid damage issues:

Check the Liquid Contact Indicators (LCI)

  • iPhones have liquid contact indicators on the side of the iPhone. They are usually behind where the sim card is. The normal color is white or grey, but when it comes in contact with liquid, it turns red. 

  • It is also true that an LCI won't activate due to the humidity and the temperature changes that exist within the product's environmental requirements.  

  • You would also see a notification on your device stating that liquid was detected in the lightning connector. 

Remove the Liquid out immediately

The longer liquid sits inside your device, the more likely it can cause more damage. This is more apparent for liquids such as coffee and soda. A quick response can mean the difference between your iPhone working and not working. The new iPhones are claimed as water-resistant and many people have mistaken them as completely waterproof. When they say water-resistant, that means your phone can only handle a small sprinkle amount of water on it. The liquid penetration can cause major issues in your iPhone's functioning, such as:

  • Your photos are getting blurred out

  • Instability in your charging

  • Bad audio quality

  • The internal parts get rusted

  • Slower running phone

Completely Power off the iPhone

The faster you turn off the device, the better chance you will do less damage to the iPhone. The best recommendation would be not to use your iPhone until it the damage is completely fixed. Not just that, also make sure that you remove all the connected devices and the charger. This will prevent the other attached devices from the damaged.

Remove the case and the accessories 

Remove anything that is attached to the iPhone: 

  • iPhone case: liquid can stay behind the case, such as holding in moisture. By removing the case, it gives the iPhone the ability to "breathe"

  • iPhone accessories such as chains, stickers, phone holders. 

Any extra 'stick-on's on the iPhone, may help to remove all of it. This will help the iPhone relieve any additional moisture and give it breathing space. As well, lessen the chances of damaging the iPhone furthermore. 

Remove the SIM card

If the damage is extreme it might also damage your sim card, which contains all your important information. So the next to-do would be removing the SIM card and also the tray holding the SIM card. That would allow the space for water to discharge. Not just that but the charging port also needs to be dried and get the extra moisture off with the help of a dry cloth.

Rinse the iPhone in case of other liquid

If you spilled liquid onto your phone other than water (i.e soda), then it is advised that you clean off the soda with a moist cloth or swab. Try and shake the iPhone gently so it can take out the extra liquid from the charging port. Such liquids as coffee or soda can be corrosive to the iPhone's internal chips, so it is important you get it serviced as soon as possible. Over time the electronics may begin to deteriorate.

Wipe down the iPhone with a dry cloth 


The next thing you should be doing is wiping the iPhone down with a dry fabric. Try to remove as much moisture as possible from the phone. We do not recommend using any kind of paper material like tissues as they might easily rip. Let the iPhone dry naturally while keeping it in the dry and cool space that would minimize the damage.

Contact us

If you are still facing issues after the damage. We recommend getting your iPhone fixed by an Apple Certified Technician.

More information on any additional iPhone repair can be found here.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can Liquid-Damaged iPhones be fixed?


The short answer is yes, but it really depends on the damage. It depends on the amount of liquid, the type of liquid, and where the damage took place. When you take your liquid-damaged phone to our store, we will run a deep diagnosis and see which parts of your iPhone are affected. Issues can range from display problems, sound not working to connection problems. If the phone is completely fried there might be a chance we can still recover your data. The important note to take is that you bring your phone to us as soon as possible. This will give you the best chance of recovering your phone back to normal.

Does rice work to dry out my iPhone?

We've gotten mixed reviews if this actually works. To get the moisture out of the iPhone's insides, you need a desiccant. The most common method that people swear by is to submerge your iPhone into uncooked rice for 48-72hrs. The rice is supposed to absorb the moisture out of the phone. This depends on what type of liquid damage you have, it is more likely to help with water but most unlikely to work if it is any other type of liquid, such as coffee or soda. There can also be the chance that rice grain bits or dust might get into the phone's ports, so you are taking another risk. If you have an older iPhone that had a small water spill, with no warranty, you can give it a try. However, if you have a new iPhone, don't risk the chance take it immediately to an Apple Certified Technician and fix it immediately.

How much does it cost to repair my iPhone with liquid damage?

The prices vary depending on the type of damage and which iPhone model you have. It also depends if you have Apple Care+ or if the iPhone is out-of-warranty. The best way is to contact us in the chat below and tell us your iPhone model and what happened with your liquid damage. 


* Disclaimer - Glitch Fix is not responsible for any information that is posted here that may or may not cause your iPhone damage. If you are unsure please contact us first before trying any of these techniques. 

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