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Top Wi-Fi Friendly Cafes in North York for your Macbook

Macbook Friendly Cafes have Strong Wi-Fi connection & Plenty of Tables for Seating

(Image by: Glitch Fix Team @ Cafe Login)

Covid restrictions are dropping which means you can finally get away from staying indoors all day and get outside the home. Cafe’s have become a staple for those looking a few hours to enjoy a nice drink and get some work done or study for that upcoming exam. So how do we choose what’s a good wi-fi friendly café? We narrowed it down to certain criteria. If you’re on your MacBook/Laptop, there’s a good chance you’re studying or doing some work. So for us what would make a Good Wi-Fi Café has:

  • Free Wi-Fi usage

  • Not overly busy or too noisy

  • A good amount of seating and tables available

  • Has power-outlets options

  • Good deals on snacks

  • Delicious drinks, especially coffee

  • Vibes

Cafe Login

With over 30 Tables, this rather large café offers your a variety of teas, coffees and even slushies. If you're craving something sweet, their have a nice variety of deserts which include: macarons, cakes, and even bingsu (korean shaved ice). The seating limit is about 2 hours, and they offer many power outlets for your Macbook, laptop, iphone, ipad etc. What really stood out was the atmosphere; showcasing many vintage items from old clocks to vinyl records on their walls. There is also plenty of free- parking in this plaza.

Location: 100 Steeles Ave W, Thornhill, ON L4J 7Y1

No Website (Instagram):

Starbucks Reserve

Naming Starbucks is a bit of cop out, but it’s one of our staples when you just need a spot to go to. For now in 2022, this is the only Starbucks Reserve location in Toronto, the others in Ontario are in Oakville and Niagara. This location at the Shop at Don Mills Plaza is pretty large with at least 20 tables. You know that you can always get reliable wi-fi and along with an under-table hook to hang your bag or jacket. We also like the fact that Starbucks do not really limit your seating. Which means you can get a lot of work or studying done without worry about being kicked out

Location: 6 Pabst Ln, North York, ON M3C 0H8


Baretto Cafe

If you’re planning to work for a while and want some good food, Baretto is the spot! The cafe is more like a restaurant cafe, they have everything Italian from pizza, to sandwiches, pasta and even chicken parm! What caught our attention is cute little lattes with bear drawings. We love places that pay attention to details. There is also a good amount of seating. This place does get busy, so it's best to avoid lunch and dinner hours.

Location: 1262 Don Mills Rd. Unit 106, North York, ON M3B 2W6


Forest Cafe

This trendy little spot near Fairview mall got popular from their Dalgona coffee on Tik Tok. However their stand out quality of drinks and food kept customers coming back. They offer everything from iced coffee to whipped cream-loaded croffles (croissant waffle). They vibe here is super chill, along with a couple patio seats outside. However, it is a smaller cafe, so there is limited seating, so we advise going peak times.

Location: 56 Forest Manor Rd Unit5, North York, ON M2J 0E5


Caffeine - Eatery & Espresso

This café gets recognition for their really friendly and helpful staff. Located on the east part of North York on the edge of Scarborough. Although a bit of an older café, Caffeine makes up for it with their stand-out food and welcoming staff. Customers raved about their healthy sandwiches and delicious croissants. The café isn’t too large in size, but they do have a good amount of bench seating’s along side and window.

Location: 1448 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M4A 2S8


Perfect Café

Located on the West end of North York, this quaint café has a lot to offer. They have everything from waffle ice cream, to panini, to an assortment of baked goods. There is limited seating indoors, but they do have an outdoor patio. Customers were most happy about the friendly service, cleanliness and price! Although this restaurant has limited seating, they do have an outdoor patio with umbrellas and canopy. Customers were most happy about the friendly service, cleanliness and price of their food.

Location: 2737 Keele St Unit 31, North York, ON M3M 2E9


Tea Shop 168

Not exactly considered a “coffee café” since they don’t sell coffee. However, everything else is café type vibes. Drinks, food and plenty of space to hang out. This Thornhill location is spacious and many students go here to hang out or study. There are plugs available and lots of tables. If you’re not feeling bubble tea or teas, they also offer smoothies, fresh juice and Italian soda. If you’re hungry, you’re in luck, they have a wide range of food. There is everything from noodles, fried chicken, waffles, toast and an assortment of desserts. 168 has been around for at least 20 years and is an iconic bubble tea shop in Toronto.

Location: 2737 Keele St Unit 31, North York, ON M3M 2E9


Aroma Espresso Bar

Although we wanted to shout out more of the mom and pop shops. We have to give credit to another franchise. There are plenty of Aroma’s around the city and they are all very spacious. The coffee is delicious and consistent, they have killer espresso’s and plenty of food. More importantly many of the locations have plenty of seating. Which is vital when looking for a place to study or do work on your laptop. You can count on these larger locations to provide that. You also don’t feel as bad when taking up more than 2 hours working away on your Macbook or laptop.

Location: 8 Park Home Ave, North York, ON M2N 0E9


Canephora Cafe and Bakery

This location is a little tucked away along Finch Ave. You might miss it if you’re driving too fast. The location looks small from the outside but they have plenty of seating. Along with a patio that’s open in the spring and summer. The café offers everything from hot drinks, to frappes, to iced teas and even bubble tea! If you’re hungry they have a huge selection of baked goods and even breakfast foods, like omelets

Location: 222 Finch Ave W Unit 101, Toronto, ON M2R 1M6


This article is brought to you by our team at Glitch Fix. We repair everything from Macbooks to iPhones, pretty much everything Apple. We know a good working Macbook laptop will give you a better experience with your work or studies. As well, for those cafes with no power outlets, a long lasting battery really comes in handy!

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