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MacBook Repair Power Issues and Battery Replacement 

Glitch Fix Toronto is an

Authorized Apple Service Provider

Step-by-Step Guide on What to Do With a MacBook that has Battery Replacement


What to do when your MacBook is not Turning On

There are many things that might be causing your MacBook to turn on. Some are inevitable, such as the age of your Laptop, the wear, and tear, or the battery cycle running out. Don't Panic, there are also many things you can try before taking your MacBook in for repair if it doesn't turn on. The first obvious step is to make sure your AC adapter is working properly, connected and the outlet is providing power. There are many instances the AC adapter has failed, so if possible, try borrowing someone else's AC Adapter and see your MacBook turns on. 


                     Understanding the Battery in Mac Laptops

The MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro (& Retina) Laptops come with lithium polymer batteries installed. To understand what may be causing the problems, it is helpful to understand the inner workings of the MacBook's Battery:

Cycle count:

Most of Apple’s modern notebooks can go through 1,000 charge cycles before needing a battery replacement. This number represents the sum of total and partial discharge cycles throughout the life of the battery. You can see the cycle count limit by checking About this Mac--> System Report --> Power and looking for Health Information

Battery capacity (Full Charge):

Measured in mAH (milliampere-hours). The mAH refers to the amount of power the battery is capable of holding, the less energy is required to shut down the device. This number lowers as the battery becomes depleted with usage.

Remaining charge capacity:

How much battery is left, measured in mAH. When using the computer when not connected to your AC power it will cause the mAH to lower as power is being used from the battery.


This can be many reasons, but usually, batteries are considered defective when they are not working due to defects. This can be from workmanship, materials, or sometimes an issue with the manufacture. Usually, this is covered by Apple's one-year warranty. If this is past the warranty we handle repairs or replacement of batteries.


The amount of useage activity that is currently being performed by a certain task(s). Certain applications or software place a heavier load on the battery and may result in a reduced runtime per charge.

MacBook Not Turning On:

Your MacBook not turning on can be many issues, not just a dead battery. You'll have to run many tests to know what the issue is. There is a difference between your MacBook not starting up and not turning on. If you're pressing the power button and there is no startup sound or any hardware sounds, it most likely has no battery. First, try plugging in the AC power to see if that changes. If it doesn't, it's time to take it in for us to take a look at. 

MacBook Runs out of Charge Quickly: 

The best thing to do first is to check your battery's condition.

Click the Apple Menu --> System Preferences. Click Battery then click battery again.

In the lower right corner, it will show the battery health conditions. You will see there if it is "Normal" or "Service Recommended"

MacBook Doesn't Charge:

Similar to the battery running out of charge quickly, you should first check the health of your battery condition. Check your AC adapter is plugged in correctly to both the wall socket and to your laptop. Also, check if there is any damage to your adapter. If that doesn't work you can try resetting the System Management Controller. 

MacBook Feels Really Hot 

You would probably want to first remove most of the tasks. Try giving your MacBook a reboot. We would recommend keeping it powered off for a while. Make sure the fans are running, and that nothing is blocking the vents. If it is daytime, ensure your environment isn't too warm, or the sun isn't shining on your MacBook. If this is a consistent problem, feel free to take your MacBook for us to take a look at.

Committed to Recycling for a Cleaner, Greener Earth


Here at Glitch Fix we have recycled all types of e-waste over the years. When your battery is replaced, we drop off all old batteries at an e-recycle company every few months. With the older Mac Notebooks, they are often picked up by a recycling company.

90-Day Service Warranty


Feel confident knowing that your MacBook will be in safe hands.  As a Premium Apple Service Provider, we continue to provide the highest-quality repair service and replacements. If at any time within 90-days the original repair fails because of the quality of the repaired part, we will gladly make sure to fix your Macbook issue at no cost*! 

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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