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Repair MacBook Software Problems 

from Viruses, Malware to your Laptop Not Turning On 

Glitch Fix is an

Authorized Apple Service Provider

Step-by-Step Guide on What to Do With a MacBook that has Software Issues


Common macOS Software Issues

It is true that viruses and malware are less common in MacBooks, however not impossible. Pop-up windows, unfamiliar notifications, and files could be a sign of a software problem. If you're running into those more frequently and are unsure what to do, contact us!


In the past, viruses and malware were unable to attack the MacBook. However, they now have become a growing problem for MacBooks.  If you're experiencing strange software problems, such as pop-up windows, our technician can help clean your MacBook. We also provide support for software support for glitches, updates, and installations.

It is important that you do a backup of your data before bringing in your MacBook to us. This can be done on an external drive or cloud drive. 

The checklist we’ve gotten from our friends at Macworld of things to look out for when diagnosing the problem are as follows:

Check for Errors

Check to see if there are any pop-up warnings or error messages. If you are, write it down or take a photo with your smartphone. Do a quick search of your error message online to see if there are any quick fixes. If not, when taking your MacBook to us we can assess the problem much quicker. 

Provide Date of Problem

Was this a recent problem? Or an ongoing problem for many months? How frequent was this issue? If you installed something new or added some new hardware, or if you did a recent software update. The timing of when the problem arose could also help us narrow down the software issue. 

Run a quick Software check

Similar to the date of the issue, when was the last time you updated your software? Does it have the most recent update or a version of macOS? Sometimes software updates can help fix your issues. 

Check External Devices

Once in a while if you have a device plugged into your MacBook, that could cause an issue. If the drivers are messed up it could cause your MacBook to load incorrectly or other issues. Try unplugging every external device, even your USB key to see if the MacBook will load up or run properly. 


Check Your Disk Space

If your MacBook is running out of space or has no space it can cause your Mac Laptop to load slower and not run properly at all.

Go to About This Mac > Storage to check how much space you have. It is always best to have at least 15% of the total disk space free. A quick search on Google can teach you how to clear up space. 

Take a Look at the Activity Monitor

The activity monitor will show you if something is using up all your MacBook's memory or CPU. 

Go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor (or click cmd + space and type in Activity Monitor). 

Click on Memory to see if there is an application that is using all the memory. Then click CPU to see if anything is using up the CPU. 

Run Disk Utility Check

Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility (or click cmd+space and start typing Disk Utility) to see if there is an issue with your disk.

This can be a bit complicated so check YouTube for some tutorials.


Start in Safe Mode

You may also be able to diagnose problems with your MacBook if you boot up in Safe Mode. When you boot in Safe Mode your MacBook will not load some startup items and certain software. The safe mode also performs a check of your startup disk, so it should be able to notify you of certain problems. 

To run in Safe Mode, once shutting down your MacBook wait 10 seconds and then press the power button. As soon as the MacBook starts (you may hear a startup chime sound) press and keep holding the Shift key. When the Apple logo appears you can stop pressing Shift.

Committed to Recycling for a Cleaner, Greener Earth


Here at Glitch Fix we have recycled all types of e-waste over the years. When your battery is replaced, we drop off all old batteries at an e-recycle company every few months. With the older Mac Notebooks, they are often picked up by a recycling company.

90-Day Service Warranty


Feel confident knowing that your MacBook will be in safe hands.  As a Premium Apple Service Provider, we continue to provide the highest-quality repair service and replacements. If at any time within 90-days the original repair fails because of the quality of the repaired part, we will gladly make sure to fix your Macbook issue at no cost*! 

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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