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We Fix Liquid Spills and Water Damage for your MacBook

Glitch Fix Toronto is an
Authorized Apple Service Provider

Step-by-Step Guide on What to Do With a MacBook that has Liquid Damage


How to Repair your MacBook from Liquid Spill? 

Computers and electronics are quite susceptible to liquid damage, such as water, coffee, tea, soda, etc... The chemicals inside the liquids, such as sugars from coffee or soda are corrosive to the components inside your MacBook.

Many believe that the quick solution to liquid spills is to put your MacBook in dry rice, however, this is not the case. Rice only absorbs the liquid on the surface of the computer. Once your MacBook has been in contact with a morning coffee, the liquid seeps inside the computer which can lead to a number of hardware issues. 

If your MacBook has liquid damage, leave it turned off and drop it by one of our locations as soon as possible. Our Apple Certified Technicians are experienced in quickly identifying and removing any excess liquid or corrosion inside your MacBook to prevent further damage. However, if the components suffered an extensive amount of liquid damage or the spill had been present for too long, the parts would need to be replaced.

Don't panic, but act quickly

Fixing the liquid damage requires a calm methodical process. Take a deep breath, keep your hands steady, and don't push too hard on any of the electronics. There is no quick fix, so stay calm with the drying process. 

Turn off power to your MacBook

Immediately turn off the power and unplug the charger. Hopefully, you are not reading this on your damaged laptop. Turn off your laptop, and read instructions on your phone or another computer.

Remove anything that is connected to your laptop, like your headphones, external hard drives, iPhone chargers etc. Pretty much anything that is connected with a cable. This will help prevent damage to your other devices. 

Dry off all visible liquid 

Use a microfibre cloth or an absorbent towel to try and remove any liquid. We do not recommend using paper towels since the tissue seems to break easily. Check if any liquid has seeped into the vents. If so try to dry it out as soon as possible. Use gravity in your favor, if the water is in the vents, place the MacBook to the side. If the liquid spilled onto the keyboard, place the laptop in tent shape and let it dry upside down. 

This will help prevent any further damage to the MacBook. You would want to minimize as much damage as possible, which will save you on repair costs.

​The type of liquid does play a factor

The difference is the acidity level. Soft drinks and juice pose a greater risk of damage compared to water, tea or coffee. Though, any type of liquid spill can damage your MacBook and any other electronics, so keep your drinks away! 

Dry the MacBook naturally

If you're not immediately able to bring in your MacBook for service, allow for it to dry and store it in a cool, dry space to help minimize damage. Do not attempt to remove any keys on the keyboard. 

Avoid dry rice

Dry rice is quite a popular method for drying electronics. Though it may work on certain devices, we don't recommend it for MacBooks. Rice can enter your MacBook through the ports or the vents, which can possibly result in more issues. 

Contact us immediately or visit one of our locations

The faster you can bring in your MacBook for service, the greater chances of minimizing damage. Our Apple Certified Technicians are all on-site and ready to help you get your MacBook working again. 

Committed to Recycling for a Cleaner, Greener Earth


Here at Glitch Fix we have recycled all types of e-waste over the years. When your battery is replaced, we drop off all old batteries at an e-recycle company every few months. With the older Mac Notebooks, they are often picked up by a recycling company.

90-Day Service Warranty


Feel confident knowing that your MacBook will be in safe hands.  As a Premium Apple Service Provider, we continue to provide the highest-quality repair service and replacements. If at any time within 90-days the original repair fails because of the quality of the repaired part, we will gladly make sure to fix your Macbook issue at no cost*! 

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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